Our Policies

Here are the policies we plan to implement and uphold over the course of this year.

More Liberty to Use Phones and Gadgets

Our phones connect us to the world, making homework, grades and social media accessible from your pocket. Most freshman want to be able to use them more, and not risk getting them taken away in the hallways. We will either try to make PHONE HOTSPOTS or have a change in the rules.

More Study Area

With the library being packed, cafetaria being noisy and half-floor easily getting crowded, students dont have many options to find a study area. We want to get more area for students so that they can have a space to study and finish work during their frees and lunch.

The Best Dances

It's our first year at Stuy and under all academic pressure, we deserve some fun. We promise that if elected we will arrange the most LIT dances for you.

One Grading Platform

Too many websites; too much confusion. Lets get it all sorted; one website with ALL your grades and assignments. Can't get better!

Better Food

We all want to have more options and variety for lunch. More choices and better choices is our aim. We will also try to get food which everyone wants in the vending machines.

Improved WiFi Accessibility

The school wifi prevents students from using Snapchat, Instagram, and other apps. This is implemented to prevent kids from using social network in school but people can get around this by temporarily turning off the wifi. An easy fix: enable these apps on the school wifi by removing the firewall!

Umbrella Project

We get hit with some pretty bad weather that often catches us off-guard. For this reason, we support the idea introduced by previous caucuses, a service that rents out umbrellas to students in need, with the expectation they will be returned the next day.

Return to School Anytime During Lunch

If you want to get lunch from outside but need or want to be in school for the period, you will be denied by security. We aim to change this so students can come and go freely during lunch by simply showing their ID/swiping back in. Often times, students don't want to have lunch in the cafeteria because of the options and can't come back and access the library and review for a test or finish some work.

No Gym for Students Who Take Part in School Sports

Sports are a HUGE commitment--with most practicing everyday until 5 or 6. They also more than fulfill the amount of physical activity that students should get. This policy would make it that students who are on sports teams wouldn't be required to take gym. Instead they would have a free, making up for the fact that they don't get home until late every night. Many schools in the city have this policy, and it would be easy to implement. We will have to work with other caucuses, the SU and the school but this is something that can happen.

Don't see something that you care about? Feel free to contact us and make a suggestion! The wants and needs of every freshman are central to our platform :)